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Banking and Financial Services industry often encounters a situation where debtors are late in making payments or even fail to make payments on credit. In this specific plan, we provide a solution for banks to deal with these problems by collecting debt through these following plans:


  • Basic Plan legal service;

  • Advance Plan legal services; and

  • Tailored Plan legal services.


Each package we've mentioned provides essential legal services in the form of debt collection, but each package has different additional values.


Clients and prospective clients may choose the right package according to their business needs.

Basic Plan

Legal service in the form of debt collection through warning letters only.

Advance Plan

Full package of essential Legal service in the form of debt collection.

Tailored Plan

Couldn't find the right plan for your needs? Don't worry, just fill the dedicated form below or send a direct email to our email address linked below. We'll reach you soon and try to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Please fill the dedicated form or alternatively just send a direct email to our email address linked below, if you want to request a quotation of the above pricing plans:


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