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Fee Structure

BRAVA & RIZA Advocates will determine the professional services fee subject to the nature of each matter whether an hourly rate, lump sum rate or any other alternatives billing fee structure that more suitable for your  needs.

We can also apply a retainer fee-based which suitable for companies or individuals that require our professional legal service to take care or their daily needs or to take care of a long-term project. Our retainer services will be given in a minimum of six months term or subject to the completion of the project.


The following is the most prevalent type of fee structure in BRAVA & RIZA Advocates:

  • Hourly fee system;

  • Capped fee system;

  • Project based / lump sum fee system; and

  • Retainer fee system.

We are aware that every legal matter has its own characteristics and will need different ways to handle it. So do with our clients, which have their own cost policy. By having discussions with our client, we manage to understand their need, both legal needs and cost/financial need.

BRAVA & RIZA Advocates has histories of evaluating and implementing alternative billing structures for complex transactional matters. So we can go beyond the theoretical when deciding which alternative billing structure is suitable for our clients matter.

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